Our Vision

We at St Paul Mission School, envision a society where people are guided by moral values rather than materialistic pursuits. Hence we strive for the spiritual development of our students so that they gain internal strength and a sound moral character. Equipped with a positive mental attitude and quality education they do become confident and capable enough to lead the nation and the world at large to the path of peace and progress. With this in mind, all our teaching material is developed by experts in child psychology and development to inculcate sound character and the right attitude in our children, promoting their individual talents and special abilities alongside.

Our Rhymes: Nursery rhymes stay with kids throughout their lives, even when they grow old. Discarding traditional rhymes, which help only in teaching kids a few words, we have developed our own rhymes, which aid in inculcating the right attitude and values in them apart from imparting language. Our rhymes are highly attractive due to their kids' friendly tune and easy to understand motivational words which greatly help in developing the personality of the little ones.

> Our Stories: Sory time with your little one can be a special time of bonding and learning, which they will cherish all their lives. Our stories are written by experts who are familiar with child psychology, their fears and aspirations. They help to preserve the innate sense of wonder and curiosity that children possess. They are meant to challenge stereotypes and help young children open the eyes to all the diversity and adventure in the world.. Our stories give kids the message that everyone has the freedom to choose their own roles, as long as the greater good of the society is kept in mind. These stories develop confidence in the toddlers apart from helping them to learn the language in a congenial atmosphere.

Our Games:

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood." - Fred Rogers

Realising the importance of games and the impact they have on children's learning and personality development, we have created our own games for them which teach them to be innovative and find new solutions and methods while also being compassionate, altruistic and concerned about the well being of fellow beings. They inculcate the mindset of a leader and inventor in our children rather than the mindset of a fearful worker.