St Paul Mission School is run under a Christian Education Society and Education Trust. While educational institutions are turning into big business ventures, the society aims to provide sound education to the young generation believing that education is neither business nor charity. We are dedicated to the cause of education and our teachers are ‘gurus’ who impact the young minds with their sound moral character and wisdom, grooming them to face the rubs and challenges of the world and emerge victorious in all walks of life.

Being run with the participation of parents and the government, the school is managed and guided by visionaries for inculcating values and discipline required for its growth and development.

We have introduced the EARLY READING PROGRAMME for the first time in India. Reading is one of the highest functions of the human brain. It is also one of the most important skills a huge portion of all learning depends on it. The younger a child is when he learns to read, the quicker and more efficient the process. Very young children who are taught to read have been proven to go on to become highly passionate and effective readers.

Children can read words when they are a year old, sentences when they are two and whole books when they are three. Moreover, they enjoy it very much and are far more eager to read than older children who first learn to read at the age of five or six.

Our Early Education Programme has yielded wonderful results and we are highly committed to creating a generation of world changers through our innovative curriculum.